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Thank you to anyone who has ever played, downloaded or shared any of our games.  It means the absolute world to us. ❤️

Originally our games were "free or donate" & some people have been very kind in donating some funds to us, but as we make these simple games in our spare time just for fun, we really don't expect any financial reward for them.

If you play & enjoy our games, then we are delighted.  For anyone that does feel compelled to pay for our wee games then the best bet is to make a small donation to the mental health charity Safe in our World.

You can donate here: https://tiltify.com/@sloanysoft/sloanysoft-safe-in-our-world

Mega Manic Mulholland

Mega Manic Mulholland is a reboot / reimagining / refresh / enhanced / expanded / rework / redux / director's cut / revamp / update of the Sloanysoft original.

If you've experienced Manic Mulholland...you've only heard half the story!

We've listened to your feedback, and we were really appreciative of the nice things folk have said, but also mindful that the game was a bit too short for some.

We have reworked all the original levels & added a whole bunch more . We've also added more baddies, music, fx and a funky loading screen. The scoring system has been overhauled too so that it rewards those who reach the later levels without losing too many lives.

So it's time to strap back in & guide sleepy Pete Mulholland through his nightmare & wake him in time to complete that history assignment.

Future generations of historians are counting on you!

Play Online

You can play Mega Manic Mulholland online in your browser without the need to download a separate emulator, click here: 


99 Lives Version

Now includes a version with 99 lives, for a slightly less brutal experience!

Install instructions

Download the TAP file & play it in your favourite Spectrum emulator.

It can also be played on a real speccy (48k and upwards) via a DivIDE device or through a "tape loader" such as PlayZX on your smartphone.


MegaMM.tap 40 kB
MMM99Lives.tap 33 kB


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Love it - great work!

Awesome!  Thank you. 😃👍