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Thank you to anyone who has ever played, downloaded or shared any of our games.  It means the absolute world to us. ❤️

Originally our games were "free or donate" & some people have been very kind in donating some funds to us, but as we make these simple games in our spare time just for fun, we really don't expect any financial reward for them.

If you play & enjoy our games, then we are delighted.  For anyone that does feel compelled to pay for our wee games then the best bet is to make a small donation to the marvelous mental health charity Safe in our World. https://tiltify.com/@sloanysoft/sloanysoft-safe-in-our-world

Manic Mulholland

Sloanysoft is proud to present our first ever ZX Spectrum game.  In the style of those platformer games from the golden age of the 80s.  To be played on a Spectrum emulator, or on a real Spectrum (48k & above) through one of those .tap converters such as Play ZX.

Play Online

You can now play Manic Mulholland online in your browser without the need to download a separate emulator, click here:



The events portrayed in this game are all true. The names are real names of real people and real organizations

The year is 199X and with just one week to go before his history assignment is due, Mulholland has decided to embark upon a 72 hour Final Fantasy VII session to clear his mind. Upon completing his quest however he has fallen into the sleep of the century.

Your mission is to guide him through his nightmare sleep and wake him in time to complete his assignment. The fate of future generations of history students is in your hands, good luck… you’ll need it!!!

Here’s what folk are saying about Manic Mulholland

“What a fabulous game. The level designs are clever and attractive. Everything about the game is neat and tidy. Very addictive.” – John Davies, Spectrum for Everyone.

“Game of the Week” – Sinclair Society 

“boa jogabilidade” – Planeta Sinclair 

“A worthless train wreck” – Some anonymous bloke who lurks in the comments section of YouTube.

“You made a game with me in it? Hahaha that’s class!” – Peter Mulholland

Install instructions

The game will download as a .TAP file which you can play on your ZX Spectrum emulator of choice, or on real hardware via a .tap converter.


Mulholland1.tap 20 kB

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