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Janky Joe in Retro Hell

For reasons unknown, Janky Joe is about to jump out of a helicopter and into a whole world of trouble.

Join our hero as he enters the haunted Antcade to play through janky interpretations of retro classics and rescue the trapped souls of those who have dared entered before.

The game is made using Jonathan Cauldwell's MPAGD,

Dragon/CoCo conversion by Pere Serat

With special thanks to  Bruce Groves and a wonderful online community for all their help.


JANKYJOE.dsk (CoCo) 157 kB
JANKYJOE.vdk (Dragon) 180 kB
Readme.txt.txt 322 bytes


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¿Se puede jugar en un Dragon 32?


No estoy seguro. Creo que tiene que ser un Dragon 64.