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muy bueno,se ve que esta creado con mucho cariño al spectrum y muy buena musica,gracias

¡muchas gracias!

¡Viva el Spectrum!


Excellent Game. Mix of great gameplay, music and nostalgia

Wow thank you very much. That's exactly what we were aiming for, so this review is really appreciated. 😃👍


Our internet is playing up here so no Streaming Services or online gaming so I have spent all evening playing this.  Managed to beat the game after a solid 2 hours of play. Edging on a few screens each time. Those later levels are genius. Cheers. 

That's awesome! Great going. 👍

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I just played Janky Joe.  Love it!  Made me swear... often!  hahaha  Here is my video of my play.  

Amazing!  That was a lot of fun to watch.  😂

Might have to show it to my son with the sound turned down though! 😂😂


yeh, I like to swear a tad. hah

Fun and surprising game :)

My gameplay here

Thank you so much for playing our game.

The sound seems to be a bit off, not sure if it's an issue with the settings, it should have 4:3 aspect ratio.

Brilliant run though & I really appreciate you checking out our game & putting out a video, thanks so much.

It was pleasure


Muy adictivo y toda una oda a los grandes videojuegos de toda nuestra vida. La música es sencillamente salvaje! Felicidades

¡Muchas gracias!

Nos divertimos creando el juego.


BRILLIANT GAME!!!! And that music.. just incredible. I had a total blast playing it and it brought back some fantastic memories. Thanks for making it!

Thank you! That means a lot coming from someone who has made some incredible Speccy games recently!! 


Nice game!

Thank you so much!  Great run too.