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Awesome game, and FULL WALKTHROUGH here! :)


Nice game!

That's great!  Thanks for playing. 

It's a deliberately punishing game, but it was nice to see you make a bit of progress each time.


very good

Thank you.


Good game Davey !

Thank you very much. 😃


Was it also the *meanest* game competition, too!?? lol that's well 'ard! Them death thingies on level 2 are brutal. Kept me quiet for a bit, mind, so thanks for that :)  .. highest was 144 and I couldn't get past level 2. Yeah, I guess I'm no hardcore gamer, eh? I do love your graphics. Very Matthew Smith! Cheers!

Hehe cheers for checking it out!

A few folk completed our last game on day of release, so we thought we'd make this one a bit more brutal! 

It is completable...honest.

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I'll be giving it another good go over the weekend - I *will* get past level 2! (or, at the very least past the first bog!!!!)